A Headache that won’t quit.

//A Headache that won’t quit.

A Headache that won’t quit.

My head aches. We walked today from the dealership to the mall while our car was getting it’s free maintenance work done. It was something like 2.5 miles one way. This is not all that difficult to do, Liz and I walked 11 or so miles in Paris before. But Paris has weather that a normal human being could survive. Southern California has sun, so much sun, a bleating blistering bastard of a sphere burning in the sky. Even when it’s not directly scorching your flesh it is slowly chipping away at the fabric of your being. It unwinds the proteins in your flesh and slowly converts them to something a little less alive.

With enough time your skin takes on the texture of a handbag. Literally converted to leather atop your still living frame.

I’ve drank a lot of water today but nothing seems to quell this demon drop kicking the inside of my skull. I’m going to now take this opportunity to go upstairs and get some rest, see if enough hours of unconsciousness will allow for my brain to heal.


Accuracy 100%, because I only shot once and it was a headshot. 😉



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