A Mouth Full of Gold

//A Mouth Full of Gold

A Mouth Full of Gold

I don’t get much dental work done but whenever I do get it done I’m reminded of just how incredibly expensive dental work is. It is fascinating to me just how much much things cost. Furthermore there is a flat level of cost for work as well. Upon quick reflection this isn’t too weird, you can buy a sandwich at a diner and get a different amount of food each time but you’ll for sure be paying the same amount each time. I don’t notice it as much when it’s something inexpensive but when you get into the hundreds of dollars it suddenly becomes clear.

It’s always a startling reminder just how expensive health work is at all. You pay a phenomenal amount of money to insurance to basically get a discount on obscenely expensive procedures. I’m somewhat jealous of the insurance industry. They have a legally mandated existence where they have nearly complete power. The auto insurance industry falls into this fantasy land too. It must be difficult to not go completely batshit insane when you have everyone throwing money at you and knowing that they really have nowhere else to go.

I’ve been reminded that I need to not spend beyond my means. The very moment I dip my toes into the waters of debt an expense arises to punish me. It is what it is though. Even though I’ve hit near the end of my joy for MGSV, Disgaea 5 is just around the corner. I’m already certain that game is going to ruin me in the best ways possible.

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