A Once Great Beast…

//A Once Great Beast…

A Once Great Beast…

It, as the always erroneous phrase begins, may only be me but the internet has utterly died for me. My interest in it has waned to the point of nonexistence. I find myself only opening it up out of shear habit and then just as quickly closing it. This once mighty beast, a hydra with countless heads has devolved into something of an unnecessary thing. Fears of internet censorship do not strike the smallest of fears inside of me and even as I post this to the very place that I now bore of I can’t help but do so.

Like a lone man stranded on an island I call out to the sea hoping for a voice to return in kind. Yet all I hear are the echoes of my own rasping song. It began, I think, with the fall of the news. The NYT was once a very important staple of my news gathering and it has now devolved into a paper so devoid of critical information it might as well be a magazine alongside the Enquirer. Places such as Newsvine harbor little more than the sludge of the universe, a pestilent bile that serves no purpose in this nor any other of the infinite possible universes, and all such news forums like it are equally devoid of nutrition.

Video game forums are a boom and bust location. With the beginning of a game they start with joy and hope and after a few months of limited connection to the company they all, no matter how positive in the beginning, devolve into the same trolling and hopelessness. These things too are created only out of habit these days, never earnestly read by their creators nor populated by actual players.

Places such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook all lose their shimmer. Videos become rehashes, ‘tweets’ all become formulaic, and Facebook though never truly necessary routinely unwinds itself into the next great MySpace. A relic of bygone eras to be replaced by the next modestly interesting idea.

The only thing these days that one can find routinely on the internet is confirmation bias, we search for what we agree with and we find it. The only great exception to this that I currently experience is Wikipedia but even that has it’s limits. I cannot search for what I do not know I do not know, and thusly I cannot be genuinely surprised by all that I find (I am aware there is a random function but it usually lands on stubs).

So with this realization that the internet has died for me, once the greatest time sink of my life, I have decided that I will use this habit for good. Each time I find myself lusting to open the internet for something other than an online game I will merely read whatever book I have on my computer desk till the urge subsides. I will continue doing this until I am so empty of the “interwebs” that I actually find interest in it again.

I think if that time never comes I will be all the better for it. I finish with the obvious hypocritical clause, that political tool for making any law bend to my will, I will continue to use the internet to service my own website. While few may ever read these words I do find it a good exercise in introspection to discuss my thoughts and feelings. Speaking to that voice within my own person, a curious child wishing only to know that he is not alone.


Case in point about the news being a dead husk. This sort of thing is common:

Critical News is Critical.

Yes I can see how the Iphone is related.

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