Advertising: I don’t want to know.

//Advertising: I don’t want to know.

Advertising: I don’t want to know.

  I’ve been thinking as of recent about the concept of advertising. Goods and services detailing to me what the benefits of their existence are. Be it flat rock-hard abs, high protein diets, organic foods, or fuel with some fantasy ingredient. These things are touted in every magazine, television show, billboard, internet page, and bus stop seemingly in existence.

  But perhaps I’m alone in the sentiment of “I don’t want to know.” I am a huge fan of knowledge but I quite honestly don’t have any interest in your new movie, new game, new purse, new perfume, new makeup, new hamburger, or any other product you have to sell when I am not explicitly shopping. You know the only time I learn about new McDonalds products? When I pass their business or enter it, it isn’t that they don’t spend millions on advertising (I’m sure they do) but that’s the only time I care. If I see a product of theirs outside of that avenue I go out of my way not to buy it (for that my heart thanks me).

  I’m sure eventually this article will be read with advertisements on either side of it which will make it exceptionally funny if not blatantly hypocritical (which I could probably argue it isn’t). However that doesn’t change my personal feelings. I like DVD releases of shows because I don’t have to see commercials, I’m never swayed by them (or at least very rarely) and my personal choice to boycott anything I see in an ad for as long as I can makes them negative advertising for their business.

  If I’m in Target and you want to wash over me with advertisements, I wouldn’t hold it against you in the least, but outside of Target I would rather be convinced you and everything you make didn’t exist. I have more important things to do with my eyes, ears, and brain. You know where I want to hear music advertised? On the radio, where one would expect to hear about it. Movies? I’m a fan of the previews before movies (that are about movies and not Pepsi) because it targets the audience that pays for movies. It’s eloquent and accurate and I support that.

  Television shows advertised on the station they’ll be airing on (or on TV in general) makes a ton of sense to me. But everything else just doesn’t.

  I don’t want to know, I actively don’t purchase things that are advertised, and I hope that someday in the future instead of advertisements becoming more and more entangled in information (so far as to have fake news websites to market crap) we will instead see less (and more efficient) advertising.

  But that’s like hoping for world peace, because unfortunately advertising apparently works. The numbers don’t like, I just wish folks wouldn’t buy every stupid ab lounger they see on television, maybe then I wouldn’t need to see the same commercial for it every 5 minutes.

  If books ever start having magazine style advertising pages in them I think I might snap.

  Also yes, I am fervently against the internet personalizing itself for me. It takes 12 minutes and an IQ of 50 to get the internet personalized manually without losing my privacy, so we should investigate why the majority of the world is apparently dangerously stupid or dangerously lazy to warrant this new integration of sites between one another.

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