An Attire for any Age

//An Attire for any Age

An Attire for any Age

  I am not a Historian, nor am I an editor, both of those things should be infinitely clear just by reading this update (only one being a joke on my behalf). I am finding a very large hurdle in the descriptive side of my story and that hurdle is just how I wish my characters to dress?

  It’s not something that originally bothered me, I’ve seen the trick in most stories, using ambiguous terminology and only worrying about it later if your book becomes a film or television show. Even then it generally is taken care of by a group of incredibly bright people who know about fashions across all the centuries. These people make me envious at this space in time.

  But it is not a terrible hurdle, not like those ones that exist in the real world and mock me at their slightly above waist height positioning. This hurdle is one I look forward to greatly, examining the fashions of a few different epic periods in Human history and seeing how I can mesh them to create something at least slightly unique. A Firefly mixture, where instead of cowboys and space, I will take perhaps pieces from Greek and Roman Culture and mix them with attire from the Renaissance? I don’t know yet, likewise writing this late at night when I’m utterly exhausted leaves me anything but creative.

  I wonder if this is why so many popular tales that I’ve been told to read or have read over the years have been within the last century. Special exceptions to characters like Tolkien, but in general I am reading either a story of recent people’s or future people’s who dress like current people’s. Should I have even used ‘s there? It will remain a mystery until the morning I am sure.

  I just ordered a new book for the month after this, The Good Soldiers, hardcover because more-often-than-not I find myself in love with the feel of a hardcover book. Possibly for the same simple reason that I find myself buying collectors editions of certain games (that themselves come with hardcover art books). A special exception being the collectors edition of LittleBigPlanet 2, but that one comes with Bookends. To think…buying games for accessories to use in my book collection, I am truly turning into a weird human being.

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