Being 30 ~ Day 1

//Being 30 ~ Day 1

Being 30 ~ Day 1

The title seems to suggest there will be more parts to this great tale. But I don’t think that there will be. And you could argue that it is indeed the 28th that is my 1st day of being 30 and not the 29th. But I don’t know about that. I like to think of the birthday as your final shining moment before the next year begins. Ironically I’m writing this in the long forgotten future of August 30th. So it really doesn’t matter what day I post it. Onward we go!

The weirdest part about turning 30 is that I am almost certain I will be healthier in the next year than I have been in the last 20, but at that same time I’m looking around and seeing all sorts of people making videos about how their 30s are when their bodies started breaking down. That’s going to be a really weird part of life for me. I’ve already had (and have) serious issues that cause me pain and no undue amount of annoyance. I’d rather not add more of them. I’m wondering if I really went gung ho with exercise just how much of it I could delay or bypass entirely. Healthcare is improving and new avenues are opening up. If I could improve my body perhaps I can wander right along from the natural youth of…well youth, to the “unnatural” youth of science!

Regardless, it was an alright day. My emotions have been an absolute mess in the last month. But I think things will start righting themselves soon.


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