Blizzcon 2015 – The Kindness of Strangers

//Blizzcon 2015 – The Kindness of Strangers

Blizzcon 2015 – The Kindness of Strangers

I’m not a very sociable person. It’s not out of any kind of cynicism for other people. I’m probably more hopeful than most of the folks you’ll meet about the outcome of the future. I look at eveything, as best I can, from the perspective of the whole picture. Where someone might see “millions of murderers” I see a percent of a percent of the world’s population doing wrong. I try to see the events of the world in perspective with the world as a whole. I fuck up, I’m only human, and I’ve likely got just as many irrational fears as the next person. But I’m digressing hardcore. My point was that I just don’t like conversing or interacting with other people generally.

For me my favorite place in the world tends to be inside my own head. This is fortunate because I’m pretty much stuck in here. Sending out little impulses to my various bits and pieces to interact with this strange infinity that surrounds me. Today we decided to try and trade the few duplicate pins we have for the Blizzcon Season 2 and shoot for a complete set. Complete sets are the opposite of cheap on eBay (looking at a couple hundred dollars generally) and I’m just not into paying a premium to complete things. Albeit I do it from time to time…

After a few of the panels today we set out for the Darkmoon Faire area of the convention. There we found the Pin Trading section. We had 6 pins we needed to trade and the knowledge that a person is allowed a maximum of 2 trades. That meant that in a single pass around we’d be able to trade 4 of our pins and there was no guarantee that what we’d need would be on the board. As we got into the line, which itself was shaped a bit like the human brain with all its folds and curves, we heard the chatter of other pin collectors. Each turned to a person they had never met and asked them what they were looking for and mentioning what they had to trade.

At first we avoided them. It’s only natural, its something in the DNA of Liz and I. But quickly we heard the fellow ahead of us mention he had one of the things we needed. From there it was infectious. Each new face raised prospects of a new completion. Folks joked together, told stories of their plans for the convention, and altogether everyone was very happy. I tend to absorb the atmosphere around me. Everyone else being happy made me quite happy as well. By the time we finally reached the front of the line we only had one pin we had left that needed to be traded. It was (apparently) the most common of all the pins, or so it appeared, and even then I bet had the line had one more turn we’d have found someone who needed it.

It actually got me excited for the same experience next year. Buying some pins and getting into line to meet new people. That moment of teamwork where everyone tried their best to fulfill their hopes and not a soul was trying to screw someone else. We all wished to advance ourselves in the world but nobody was left a lesser for it. This, to me, is the essence of what I love about people. It might sound small (or laughably overblown in my description) but these moments make days.

And this one most certainly did for me. Today was a pretty good day. Not too concerned with how tomorrow goes. Most of what Blizzard has coming looks like a lot of fun.

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