Chick-Fil-A: The difference between Speech and Action.

//Chick-Fil-A: The difference between Speech and Action.

Chick-Fil-A: The difference between Speech and Action.

  You’ll note a few times below I say “Black People” not “African Americans”, I actually do from time to time use the PC name but I am not aware of very many Black People who actually like being called African American. I imagine it is because it is largely just a condescending term built to help guilt ridden White people feel like they are absolved of things that most of them probably didn’t do [Well…maybe not most.] So yeah, that’s why I’m using that and if you are sensitive to it I would suggest peeling back empty gestures and just treating one another like humans.

  There has been a largely erroneous story going around about Chick-fil-A, an admittedly delicious fast food place that serves Chicken across various locations in the US. It has been the source of ire from those who demand equal rights (rational human beings) and a source of pride for those that would like homosexuals to just shut up and go away already (Mike Huckabee). This erroneous story is that Chick-fil-A is merely exercising their “Freedom of Speech” and that people should shut up about it and just stop eating there.

  However there is a mistake being made here and that is assuming that money is speech, it isn’t, I realize the supreme court says otherwise but just hear me out on this. When I say I don’t like someone and that I would kill them that is speech, its hateful its extreme, but at the end of the day it is just words. Now if I actually kill someone because I don’t like them this is no longer speech, this is action. Saying you’ll kill someone and actually killing them are dramatically different things.

  Similarly, saying black people should have separate but equal setups as was once said and actually making it a real thing were totally different levels of wrong. The first was just the ramblings of idiots, the second was malicious half-handed actions by idiots. Saying you feel someone should be treated like less than a human and actually beating them because they refuse to do so is the difference here.

  Chick-Fil-A doesn’t just say they don’t like gay people, they actively work to undermine their living conditions. When you give money to this company, and others like it, you are directly paying to have other human beings around you treated like less than you and less than human. If you eat this food you are literally, and without exception, a supporter of bigotry in action.

  If people are fine with that there isn’t much else I can say. But it is a flat out lie to say that this is a matter of free speech. It is not. Take Chris Brown, imagine two universes, one where he says he’d have beaten Rihanna’s ass and one where he actually did (this one). In the first universe you would think “Wow he’s an idiot.” in the second one you think “Good lord he’s a monster.”

  This is the same error that is made when people talk about Faith’s exercising their Freedom of Speech when they lobby to have homosexuality undermined, science retarded, and other changes to the physical state of the world at large. This is not speech! Unless you are the goddamn Siren from X-Men your speech doesn’t literally change the terrain, these are actions.

  The moment Black people were physically mistreated in the US (known as, from day one) it went from an issue of speech to an issue of negligence and monstrosity. The same is true for homosexuals, the moment it went from stupid people just moaning about them to people actively lobbying to change or strengthen laws to undermine their very existence it was no longer a first amendment issue. It became an issue of human rights and it became an abomination (ironically).

  So stop, stop “liking” all this “freedom of speech” circle jerk nonsense on Facebook, stop giving millions (billions) of dollars to companies who actively undermine human life because you want to support their “freedom of speech”, stop not thinking about an issue for longer than a second before you make up your mind.

  And if you already don’t do these things, thank you, you are the kind of people that make the world a better place. Chick-Fil-A and places like it are an exercise in irony, because if their faith was true they’d be the last in the door to heaven when the time came.

  Basically, giving Chick-Fil-A money to continually do what they do is no different than funding an organization that physically abuses homosexual people. Acting like it is anything less is disingenuous and does not absolve the supporters of the horrors they promote.

  This company is not alone in what they do, but they are largely alone in getting support by the American public. I suspect it is because of the lack of self control involved with food here.

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