Commute Communion #1

//Commute Communion #1

Commute Communion #1

I wonder how hard it is to write a post while in the car. I’m not driving, obviously. The first thing to note is my phone, the note. It’s too wide in landscape and too bulky in portrait with my flip case. Makes this an uncomfortable venture.

However I’ve got 40 minutes a day I could be writing and I might as well nit waste it. Missed a lot of days this year but I’ve been busy.

Started walking a lot more. My body can’t take it all that well yet. My joints and bones creak, betraying my age, or rather makes a mockery of it. I’m not even 30 yet but physically I do feel quite old from time to time. Getting up from a squat or sit is not hard because I’m weak but because my joints don’t wish to carry the weight.

Been eating more, trying to put on any kind of weight. I find it incredibly difficult. Reaching the calorie goal is something I’ve got to work for. I couldn’t imagine being overweight if only because I can’t imagine keeping up the lifestyle. It seems remarkably taxing.

Still working on Moosecats, my knowledge of unity development has expanded a fair deal since I started. I’m a bit more aware of positioning, events, ui anchoring, and so on. The game won’t initially be top notch but seeing that most popular games have years of work behind them I suppose that is to be expected.

I dunno what I might talk about normally on commute drives. Or how frequently I’ll do it. But I realized this was a pretty good time to write. Just need a better means to do so.

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