Commute Communion #2 – Marketing

//Commute Communion #2 – Marketing

Commute Communion #2 – Marketing

I think I’ll start heading these. I like doing that, after all. I don’t know why but titles, subtitles, and all the little flourishes you can add just make me happy.

They say to not judge a book by its cover, but I can at least enjoy it in its own right. I sometimes love the marketing and overarching ideas of things far more than the items themselves. Which I doubt is revolutionary to say or think but there it is.

Good marketing seems difficult to find. Most everyone in marketing does what other businesspeople do, they carbon copy what works without the context that made it work.

Old Spice commercials are bombastic and memorable. They join good looks, quick cuts, and great lines to leave the product not only in your head but happily so. But then I see things like puppy monkey baby and not only does it feel forced but I can’t tell you who it’s an advertisement for. I literally don’t remember.

So great, there’s a mutant in my head for no reason. What will I feel when someone gives me a heads up to the product? Annoyed, and that’s not something you want attached to you goods or services.

A lot of companies are trying funny now. It worked for a few people and inevitably a person or two wrote research papers on how it has a marginally higher success rate. Now it’s everywhere.

I might get caught in the crossfire but 20 years later I struggle to remember a single ad. Marketing online is largely even worse.

Most games now have popups you can activate to get premium currency. I know at least one of them is for a crossword kinda game. Do you want to know what it is called?

I have no idea.

It’s not that I’m forgetful either. Since I’ve started coding I’ve found that information is getting trapped in my brain. It recurs over and over. To the point that lately it is making sleeping harder.

You know what commercial I do remember? Weight Watchers with Oprah. She loves bread and eats it everyday.

Pointless, since I hardly need to lose weight. But kudos to them. There is this strange ironic hilarity to the commercial. We repeat it because it’s such a charmingly awful commercial.

But even with its barebones production value there is an honest charm to it. I believe she loves bread. You know, so do i. I eat bread like it challenged my honor.

And that’s the beauty of this program.

This is probably what marketing has devolved into, blindly making ads whose success is based on the inevitability of probability. You market to some astounding number of people and no matter how awful your work it’ll stick with some small percent of people.

Someone loves bread, and they’ll find the commercial marginally endearing. But to this I say, stop trying to be funny. I’ve seen that KFC commercial a dozen times and I still don’t remember what kind of new thing it is about.

Tell me what the thing is, tell me why it doesn’t suck, and if that’s not enough, maybe the product shouldn’t exist.

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