Commute Communion #4 – Commuting in LA

//Commute Communion #4 – Commuting in LA

Commute Communion #4 – Commuting in LA

Life is strange. There are very few things in the realm of possibilities for my life that I found less likely than ending up in LA.

It’s hot and dry with everything on offer being outside my interest. Outside of New York I can think of no popular US city that matches me less. Actually that’s not true, Vegas and likely Phoenix, but you get the spirit of the message.

The weirdest part of my life right now is this commute. Almost daily we drive by cars in various states of destruction. Some missing very important parts. Others lacking a living driver. It’s a macabre journey to and from work that reminds me relentlessly of my own mortality.

Commuting is a strange and antiquated beast. We have largely moved away from land lines and radio, to cell phones and podcasts. Humanity ceased riding horses and started driving cars.

But why did we? Well obviously to get from point A to point B. This makes sense for grocery shopping or perhaps seeing a friend. Most retail jobs have employees to deter theft, speaking with customers is something of an afterthought.

But what about when your work is entirely digital. It’s strange to think that instead of safely sending data along the internet I send the entire mass of my being along the data pipeline of 14 and 5.

How peculiar. This is the kind of action that would most certainly confound and intelligent life that were to descend upon us. Like watching a Sim repeatedly getting in and out of the pool. The logic loop so far gone that it ceases to resemble intelligence at all.

I literally risk my life twice a day. And no amount of safe driving gives me comfort. Cars buzz by us with ignorance and a prejudice of survival. It’s as if I’m one of the few people on the road that wish to see the sunrise tomorrow.

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