Commute Communion #5 – Progress and the 90/10

//Commute Communion #5 – Progress and the 90/10

Commute Communion #5 – Progress and the 90/10

The forward momentum of any activity seems to follow a similar arc. It takes 10 percent of your abilities both mentally and physically to finish the first 90 percent. The last 10 percent takes 90 percent of your abilities.

If you are exercising the first long stretch feels easy. But just before finishing it becomes agonizing. At least for me. There are exceptions as with anything. If you get into a fugue state it’ll end up just fluttering by regardless.

With Moosecat I am in a similar boat. I’ve hit a point where additional progress can be slow goings. Partly because of life but also because of the nature of the changes.

What I need to do again is build a trajectory. Convert each part of that original 10 percent into there own smaller 100 percent chunks. This way I can dart through each and feel progress.

That may be the crux of the 10. It’s so much larger than you realize, which is why it came last. Your muscles and mind fatigued. Your previous work all small installments with lots of inspiration and forward momentum. That sounds like a solid plan. If it works I’ll report on it.

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