Commute Communion #6 – Mysteries

//Commute Communion #6 – Mysteries

Commute Communion #6 – Mysteries

  The world of social networking is strange. I’ve been some small part of the beast but I still feel like an outsider just watching the mass writhe.

  That isn’t to say the users are bad or wrong. Just that the wavelength at work is somewhat beyond me. Lynch mobs rise at the drop of a hat to destroy people off of a single, usually embellished, story.

  I’ve watched folks lose their literal jobs because of this thrashing tide. And it’s one part fascinating and perhaps two parts disappointment.

  One thing I always find interesting is noticing someone I follow has blocked me. As happened this morning. Because I can’t recall a single time where it had been obvious to me the why. I sit there pondering the interaction that lead ultimately to be pseudo destruction.

  I don’t comment all that much and I tend to be a positive or, at worst, neutral individual. There was a time where cutting off communications made a lot of sense and frankly I earned it at that time. But it seems like so long ago.

  This isn’t a matter of complaining so much as pondering. It would be lovely if services left the message that caused the incident in a folder for you. Because the act is not so much a big deal, a bit extreme but if that’s what it takes for folks to be happy I’m happy. It’s the mystery.

  It reminds me of when I got robbed in high school. I was in the restroom stall and someone rooted through my backpack and took all my money. I still don’t know who did it.

  So effectively I was in a class for the rest of the quarter with someone who had less than no respect for me. They would be willing to hurt me, and did.

  The act itself was bothersome and a, as mentioned, hurtful but it’s the mystery that really eats me up. Because there is no way to know. With most of life’s mysteries you can work towards a solution, those mysteries I love. They provide a challenge and at the end here is a reward of knowledge.

  But I can find no solace in the unanserable. If anything in my life can actually get to me fully it would be mysteries with no opportunity for conclusion.

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