Commute Communion #7 – Tesla

//Commute Communion #7 – Tesla

Commute Communion #7 – Tesla

  It’s not really useful to predict future events, it’s a coin toss that winners brag about and loses conveniently stop referencing.

  With that in mind let’s make some predictions! I’m incredibly interested to see what Tesla’s model 3 will do to the automotive industry. They already had massive preorders and I can see why! It’s a lovely car with, from what I’ve heard, fantastic specs. The 215 mile distance is epic and their charging stations are becoming uniquitous.

  It’ll be a few years which means other automakers have roughly that much time to make a competitive vehicle or end up Blockbustered. It sounds unlikely but so did blockbuster at the time. I don’t remember anyone in my life calling their end until it was well underway.

  If this car stays in the 30k range it’ll be the best value for a car in my life. It’ll increase electricity consumption but there is a reason that is good. Gas will always be an awful pollutant, but there is no reason your electricity should be. Solar and Wind are both excellent sources of energy. The future of nuclear or fusion power can also be largely waste free.

  These things will only get better with time and as they do gas cars will seem as Quant and ancient as they should have decades ago.

  Few technologies have been quite this stagnant. I doubt anyone working on cars in the early years could have or would have predicted they’d still be largely running on fossil fuels beyond the shifting of the millenium.

  The rise of the model 3 is exciting for me. It’s the positive kind of shake up that every industry needs.

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