Cooler Heads Prevail

//Cooler Heads Prevail

Cooler Heads Prevail

  I will only touch on this lightly since the man in question doesn’t deserve even the slightest bit of recognition in life (a life that by all estimates has largely been wasted it seems), but the idea that Cooler Heads Prevail is not one that I believe to be true.

  In politics it is the most eccentric and moronic that tend to prevail, they succeed in crushing any hope for lower and middle class Americans and do their hardest to be certain that only things that will directly benefit them work out. Because in the end, the hottest heads follow one motto in life “The rest of the world matters less than I do.”

  What might I be talking about you ask? Well to summarize what happened today on the phone with a man over a half-century (closer to 3/4’s) old was this: Man Calls 911 for Incorrect Subway Order. I managed to save another Floridian from this situation by not letting him make the same foolish mistake, but what did I prevail at? Really in the end I just supported his poor attitude, he will continue in his ever shortening life (for once I appreciate mortality) to be a bitter and impatient human being. He has learned nothing from this altercation but that ignorance is not only bliss but beneficial, that people with slightly more patience and (I say this without pride as it is hard not to be) far more intelligence will keep him alive, they’ll keep him fed, clothed, paid, and likely be the only reason he continues to exist up until the point that not even the greatest advances in technology and science can save his tainted being from the dark abyss where even Satan would not welcome him.


  So I think, that is that. I’ll be over it by morning I hope, it merely bothers me that in our country it is the loudest and most foolish that have the greatest drive to make change. It is almost as if understanding the odds of voting or passing change causes intelligent people (Which this time I will not pool myself in with) to remain idle and apathetic, realizing that no amount of reasoning can bring them above the cave man stick swinging reality that has kept the US moving since the Founding Fathers lived and certainly after they died.

  Just as a random US aside, what is it that you think Taft is most famous for? What has he accomplished that no other president has? Well I hate to spoil an assumption of your answer but it isn’t that he was overweight, yes being a President in the 300lb range (I believe that is about where he was) is quite a feat and not something I plan to accomplish but the more important information about him is that he was not only the President in his life, but also the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Not at the same time), no other President has done that. He was also the President that had the Oval Office built in the West Wing, what has become an iconic structural piece and the name of a popular television show (The West Wing, not Oval Office, never watched it regardless).

  It seems like a random question but what I’m trying to get at is that, the most popular information about this guy was his weight. A completely trivial television centric piece of knowledge, yes I get it the dude was fat, but how does that even compare to the nearly impossible task of not only taking top spot in the Executive Branch in his life time but also the Judicial One. He was shooting for a political freaking Hat trick (a term I only recently learned the meaning of. The advantage of working next to a sports nut) and it is mentioned so little that I had to find out by reading a book specifically about the government, it was not once mentioned in AP courses about Government and US History (would have stood out to me).

  Final note, It is easily arguable that Taft actually did accomplish a Hat Trick, he was quite an accomplished fellow in his life. But I’m not here to fondle over the guy, I just thought the information was neat and it somewhat fit into my topic.

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