Dark Souls ~ Ornstein and Smough, eh.

//Dark Souls ~ Ornstein and Smough, eh.

Dark Souls ~ Ornstein and Smough, eh.

I’ve put in a few attempts on this boss. Thus far I can relatively consistently get it to stage two. That’s about the point that things fall apart. But I’m not really here to talk about the bosses quite yet. Instead I want to talk about the area before the boss. This is the most obnoxious area before any boss that I’ve found thus far. There are two large knights (who are apparently mages in their spare time) and a white knight with a dragonslayer bow up top.

Before this area, if you take the giant front doors, is another two giant knights. Basically it’s a massive wall of flesh and steel. In that room you’ll find Solaire, boss buddy extraordinaire. He’s our homie and I’ve got no complaints about him. But lest you think you can summon him and run for the bosses. Because he will stay behind (and always die) instead of following you into the boss fight. You’ve got to clear this room every-single-time, if you want to bring him along.

This is absolute poop to me. A complete disrespect of the player’s time. The mobs have a massive amount of life, even with bleed, making the clearing really long and arduous. I realize that you could just go into the fight without Solaire but I’m not fond of the instant spear hammer combo of a post-aggrod twins.

The actual bosses themselves aren’t awful. I really like the idea of one sucking up the power of the other. Even if Smough clearly doesn’t respect his buddy. The actual area where you fight is nice and spacious which is important. I still maintain that the camera in From Software games is awful. It gets caught in more geometry than a junior high student. The biggest issue is that I do feel a bit tense during this fight (unlike all that preceded it) because I know just what is at stake if I die. I’ll need to clear out way too many mobs (That frankly shouldn’t respawn) and waste some more humanity¬†(which I’m now out of).

I’m also a bit disappointed that I unloaded five piles of dung onto Smough and he didn’t so much as get the sniffles.

I’ll probably go back and collect some poison arrows as well as the spider woman’s sword. I’m currently just running off of bleed against bad guys (with low overall damage) and that’s just not working out for this fight. All videos I saw online were of people doing a fair bit more damage than I (about 10 times more). Anor Londo is beautiful but I’m not hot on a lot of the mob spawn locations. It lacks a nuance that I saw elsewhere.

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