Dark Souls ~ The Day Ends and Night Falls

//Dark Souls ~ The Day Ends and Night Falls

Dark Souls ~ The Day Ends and Night Falls

So I gathered more souls and did a bit of upgrading on my gear. This time around I also brought along Solaire (which ok isn’t new) but also some rando named Ken Something. I’ll see if I caught his name on the recording. Ken was a genuine champ, going all in on Ornstein. I held off Smough while he and Solaire went to town on that skinny little fellow. A few minutes in and Ornstein lie limp on the floor, his hand weakly flexing.

With a commanding thud, Smough ended the life of his ally. Clearly finding him to be nothing more than a hinderance. I thought to myself, it’s me, Ken, and Solaire. We’ve got this! Smough walked over and slapped Ken around. I felt for the poor guy as I swung fruitlessly at the air. For a portly fellow, Smough is incredibly mobile. Ken got in deep and started laying some damage. Smough responded by leaping into the air and landing ass first on Ken’s head. He was dead instantly. His frame consumed by the rear side of a monstrous manbeast.

Solaire looked onward unphased. The sun was on his side. He ran into Smough and swatted away. Smough dipped to around the 50% mark before he went airborne again. Solaire stood there proudly, Praise the Sun, and then he too was consumed in the gaping darkness of Smough’s hindquarters. Lightning sparkled across the floor and Smough arose.

He glanced at me. “You,” he seemed to say. “Have quite a pretty mouth.”

Oh dear, I thought. It’s just me and the fat man. What followed as a series of embarrassing fleeing, crossbow shots, a few fireballs, and a lot of regret. But ultimately Smough fell. His body phased out and the doorway to a new mystery opened. I met, what I can only describe as, the smartest woman I’ve ever seen in a video game. Her intelligence was off the charts. Talking just top billing. She could solve so much math.

I spoke with her a bit and then thought to myself “I wonder if I can shoot her with a bow.”


Yes I can.

She faded away and the world turned to Darkness. I glanced around and immediately got flashbacks to Bloodborne. “Oh dear.” My mind collected itself. “I’m betting that hurting is outside those doors.”

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