Deep in the multiverse a man roams and his beard grows.

Played a bit of the Witcher again today. I should be getting close to completing Velen other than things that are outside of my level. Once I do that I’ll move onto the story and make my way to the next zone. This game is exceptionally well done in every regard. I’m finding myself happier than not all the time. The more I fight things the better I get at it. There is more to life than the Witcher obviously, but it is nice to have a game you can count on to really perk you up. I’ll try my best to not turn this website into nothing but a Witcher fan site. No promises though.

In life I’m enjoying my new line of work. It is not without its limitations and problems. But those are things that I can get over and around. Coding has a perk that writing doesn’t necessarily and that is instant feedback. You write something and then immediately you see if it works or not. Sure, the game itself might not work as an experience but the code will still stand the test of time (if you are lucky). All sorts of people build terribly ugly houses. It’s not that their construction didn’t work, if the home is structurally sound and follows code then the home is properly built. It is not their duty to make the home beautiful, merely to make the home tangible.

So that’s sorta how I feel. My job is to make homes tangible. Windows being off center and whatnot is not my concern.

Outside of those little bits, hoping to start streaming building things in unity on YouTube. I think it could be fun to show folks the process. We’ll see if that manifests in any way. Apparently making my own projects tangible is not a job I’m cut out for.