Deputus, Bounty Hunter–The Journey Begins

//Deputus, Bounty Hunter–The Journey Begins

Deputus, Bounty Hunter–The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins!

  And so it begins, I type in the simple command “tmm 0” and the entire map is empty. I am standing, alone, lost, in the middle of a new world. These are the tales of Deputus, Argonian, Bounty Hunter, and slay of evil.

  But what is evil? Well, as far as Deputus is concerned, it is anything that sets off the battle music that plays in his head. With this in mind, much of the people of Cyrodil are evil.

  Also note I’m aware this goes from third person to first person…it’s late.

 The Map is Clear.So much land to cover, so many places to visit…so much evil to Purge. This would begin the first week of the journey, first something at least, it might not be a week. Deputus is not concerned with time, so much as the journey. He decides he should prepare some food for the trip, the hunt…was on.

But what could he hunt? Surely eating humans would put him on the quick train to the dungeons, a lynching was not the best of options. An then, in the distance he heard the munching of grass. Oh! Oh, yes, there would be venison on the plate tonight.

Setting up the Shot.

An impossible distance they say! But it would only take one arrow to prove them wrong. The steel and wood launched through the air like a dive bombing raptor, it pounded into the deer and sent it limp. Dinner was on.

Dead Deer is Dead... Now to see where his shot caught, he assumed surely it had caught the deer in the head. He would brag about this to his old Argonian pals soon enough.


Ah…basically caught it in the ass. Well, No matter! It’s still food, delicious delicious food! Did I just hear howling…


Well at least I got that one in the eye…Right in the Eye!


  The First Challenge My first stop, outside of a quick run by the merchants, is to a tower I have located east of the Mages Tower. It is…quiet. It smells foul, I believe it is time to investigate this matter personally.

It’s darker than death inside, fog rolls off the walls and floods the ground. I see someone standing with their back to me…I don’t sense any life about them. They turn and let out a ravenous groan.




Damn Zombies...

Zombies…why did it have to be zombies. Off in the distance I hear a hiss, this place needs to be cleansed. I will grind their flesh and bones to make potent poisons for later, this shall be a profitable venture.




If two skeletons love each other, do they bone?  Animated skeletons are odd creatures, they hiss without vocal cords and when they are felled they fall to pieces. There is no hint to the last blow they’ll take, just one moment they are trying to murder you, the next they are dead.

  It pays to not stick around too long, the dead have a way of rising back to combat.

Argonian Sense is Tingling...

Before I began this journey I had managed to trick a trio of pirates into attacking me in front of the imperial guards. All three were slain outright, I took the opportunity after to rob their ship thoroughly. There was a rod in a heavily fortified chest that gave me an amazing power…the ability to sense the aura of living things. This power, inexplicably, extends to the undead as well. I peer through the walls and see the outlines of their forms. Some more humanoids…and Mudcrabs. Always…Mudcrabs.

I leap from the water, blade in hand, and shout at the nearest skeleton. I catch him with a swift slash to the head and it pops off his shoulders. Out to my side I hear the whistle of arrows and feel a sharp pain in my shoulder…


Damnit…I really don’t enjoy arrow wielding anything, skeletons, thieves, squirrels…regardless of the beast, it always stings.

I’ll pull them out later…luckily as an argonian I don’t suffer from the weak flesh of other humanoids. I’ll be healed over by the next sun.

Now…to finish off these bastards. I would find little from this journey besides the matter from their corpses, it was, however, worthwhile.


Hah! Humans suck!

As I travel south from the dungeon I find an unusual human house, it has been plundered. Not of my doing, there are guards scouting it looking for clues. I notice a few potions, take them, I doubt the owners will miss them.

I continue my journey south, I come across another cave…shinbone cave. I’ll make note of this for later.



I’m in a hurry, but I make note that I have not been inside. As I journey across these lands I will make sure that no cave, dungeon, tower, or town is left unexamined.

Hopefully that music will stay out of my head in towns, that would be best, no need for the wrong people to die.

Further south I go, there is a Fort, Variela, interesting. Again I will note this place and it shall be a place to plunder in the future.


It is looking quite poor already however, so I’m not too hopeful for what I’ll find.

The scenery around the fort is breathtaking, not necessarily majestic, but relaxing. The wind whistles in my ear softly, it begs me to sleep, but I still must journey on.

Wallpaper Porn #1

Wallpaper Porn #2






Whistle while you walk...

Robber’s Glen? Really…it is as if their sign is begging me to burst in. What fool names their place “Robber’s Glen.”

  I grab the nob and hear a crackling of fire nearby. I climb a nearby hill to identify the noise. I’d rather not find myself trapped in a cave during a forest fire.

Wallpaper Porn #3I punched him in Anut!(wyll)

  Oh! It would appear I’ve reached my destination…I’ll allow the Robber’s to live another day, perhaps they will find some more trinkets for me to relieve them of when I return. My target is within the city walls, it has been quite some time since we last talked.  Wasn't watching that sword go through his head...

S’krivva looked surprised to see me. Argonians rarely get along with those Khajiit, but I find a way, I just remind myself that they didn’t choose to be inferior beasts. It was the curse of the Nine, not their fault at all. She tells me of an Argonian further south by the name of “Dar Jee”, he will be able to peddle the stolen goods I have been “finding”. This is good, I must find the Grey Fox.

  I must find him, and I must kill him. But first…this fool in Bawnwatch Camp looks like good practice, I can hear the tune playing in my ear…at least I can hid this one in the bushes.

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