[DevBlog #10] To Walk or Not To Walk

//[DevBlog #10] To Walk or Not To Walk

[DevBlog #10] To Walk or Not To Walk

I’m making fairly good progress on the game. But today I found myself asking the question of mobility. Just what do I want these initial Moosecats to do? I had thought that perhaps a really dynamic movement system would be fun. Letting them walk all over the island you’ve built. But I’ve already noticed that this is a cascading problem. I can either choose to work on movement now or I could literally finish everything else.

It doesn’t seem like a big issue but when you are dealing with a limited map size there are numerous issues to resolve. I’m certain I can resolve it all. That’s not the issue, but I’m starting to wonder just how much is “enough” for now. What is good enough? I’m thinking that the answer to this is no, or extremely limited, movement. Have the Moosecats assign to themselves a “go zone” and limit their movement between those spots.

But even beyond that, I may remove movement beyond walking in a small circular area for now. The collision area of each tile spot.

This is something I can likely take care of in a single night. Once that is done I can move onto much more important things like cleaning up the User Interface and adding in Adventures. An extra benefit to this decision is I’ll have more time to refactor movement and build a better system. Sadly no pictures come with this kind of update, but it’s something that has been pecking away at me lately.

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