[DevBlog #5] Finalized V1 Save, Player Stats, and Game Rules.

//[DevBlog #5] Finalized V1 Save, Player Stats, and Game Rules.

[DevBlog #5] Finalized V1 Save, Player Stats, and Game Rules.

Well now! Today has been a very productive day! The V1 of my save system is complete. The next step will be badgering our Senior Software Engineer on Monday to learn how to properly implement JSON. Once I have that we’ll begin on V2 of the save system. For now though I can properly save the data of any number of Moosecats and generate it. The save system even has a backup save system which means at most you’d lose one play session currently. Once I move to JSON I’ll regularly save every X number of minutes (which I might let users set in the menu). Likely with a slider to prevent people setting the value too low.

The next bit of news is that Player Stats are now a thing. You now have a wallet and I’ll be implementing the tourism system tomorrow. It will provide you with revenue over time depending on how many Moosecats you have. Fairly simple.

Additionally the game rules controller is in. Now I can easily set the length of various values from a single location rather than plodding around my different files. It mostly handles decay rates and will soon handle the tourism rate.

That knocks out three of my five goals for the weekend! This means I’ll likely be right on track tomorrow to finish the toy object and the V1 of the UI. Worst case scenario for V1 UI is that I’ll make default unity buttons. It’s not the end of the world if I do.

  1. Finalize the save system V1.
  2. Add a Toy Object. Likely a Bed.
  3. Create “Game Rules” controller for things like happiness decay.
  4. Create Character controller for handling things like money.
  5. Implement UI V1

I should also note that I’ll have implemented energy decay and hunger decay by tomorrow as well. They’ll be very slow with the alpha build because I don’t really want folks micromanaging them. I’m also likely not to have them going down when you are offline but this remains to be seen. If it DOES, you’ll be able to eventually purchase staff or something to take care of your Moosecats while you are away. If it doesn’t, we can just act like the tourists are doing all the heavy lifting for you in your stead.

One bug I’ll need to resolve is a layering issue involving multiple cats on top of one another. I might add that to my workload tomorrow.

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