[DevBlog #6] V2 Save has Begun! Press X to JSON!

Alright! Thanks to the ever wise Greg, I have now got JSON working with the project! This provides me with an incredibly versatile structure that is leaps and bounds better than a long string of comma separated values. I’ve been a fan of key-value pairs ever since I first came across them and now I’ve got that luxury in my saves. I’m not yet done with this, it’ll take another work day, but once this is done we’ll be able to expand our Moosecat diversity to just about any level and adding (or removing) entries from the save should be relatively painless. The old system this would have wrecked me but I’m already happy about the new one.

Additionally I’ve still got it encrypting after production, so that folks won’t be (easily) wiggling through and ruining their game experience. If we find that people want X to happen faster, better, or stronger, we’ll examine if that improves the game and add it ourselves. No need for folks to work around bad game design. Very pleased. More news to come tomorrow.