[DevBlog #7] Introduction/Tutorial Underway!

//[DevBlog #7] Introduction/Tutorial Underway!

[DevBlog #7] Introduction/Tutorial Underway!

Oh what a glorious day! I spent a good portion of my time for the game working on the introduction sequence. The dialogue and pacing both will need work but I think folks will like it. The goal is to introduce people to the game slowly but in a manner that is more whimsical than most tutorials. I’m trying to imagine the introduction to LittleBigPlanet when I work on this game. Basically having the world you’ll be playing in slowly unravel before you.

A good tutorial isn’t really one at all, it’s more of an introduction. The first 5 minutes of Bloodborne are basically the tutorial for the entire game. You will wander around, everything hates you, and you will die. That’s it. Once you understand that you can then get to playing the game proper. Any new mechanics are drip fed by giving you items or weapons at a later time once you understand the nuances of the title.

Here we’ll be doing something similar. You start off with basically nothing. Darkness, a blank slate. And then before your eyes a circle appears. What on earth could be hiding in that little patch of green?

Oh my. Time to get scrambling!

What comes next will remain to be seen, but I’m sure the more clever folks out there already know what will be found in said egg. I’m doing my best to try and get the initial visuals to be passable. Currently the cats scoot along the ground like hovering whosawhatsis. That’s ok for dev work but isn’t really passable for the end game. So tomorrow once the introduction into the main sanctuary is complete I’ll be working on improving the kitty cat bounce.

I’ve also decreased the range of size for Moosecats. Now their minimum size is 75% of their standard size. This is basically reserved for babies. Full size Moosecats will be between 1 and some larger value that has yet to be determined.

Regardless I’m very pleased with where the project is at. Soon the actual “game” part can get truly fleshed out.

FWIW it’s always exciting to get to put in Liz art instead of a placeholder. That egg really got me motivated today :).

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