[DevBlog #9] Map Making and Plopping

//[DevBlog #9] Map Making and Plopping

[DevBlog #9] Map Making and Plopping


Today I put a bit more time into the map generator. It’s pretty rudimentary but it’ll work with any size tiles as long as they are hexagons (which cubes on a flat plane are, thankfully). As you can see I’ve used some free tilesets and randomized the generation of the grass between long and short. Just for lulz. The next thing I started working on was the “plopping” mechanic. This is where you drag and item into the scene and when you release it will “plop” down where you want it. I signified this location with a stone tile (as seen above). The next screenshot is after I slid the object (which is invisible) that triggered the plop check.


Huzzah! As always these are temporary art assets the size and design will be changing. But the advances in functionality can continue to move forward unimpeded! Fairly pleased with the progress speed and am hopeful that tomorrow (or this weekend) I’ll have a nice simple UI layout where you can choose between let’s say…three different items? Plopping them down on the board. Good times, good times.

I might discuss the nitty gritty of my map system sometime in the future. It’s not super complicated but I’m still fairly proud of it.

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