[DevBlog #4] – Checklist for the Weekend

//[DevBlog #4] – Checklist for the Weekend

[DevBlog #4] – Checklist for the Weekend

I don’t know what I ‘ll finish this weekend but I wanted to take a moment today to determine what I’ll be trying to accomplish this weekend. It’ll be fun to see what of it I accomplish before the weekend…well…ends.

  1. Finalize the save system V1.
  2. Add a Toy Object. Likely a Bed.
  3. Create “Game Rules” controller for things like happiness decay.
  4. Create Character controller for handling things like money.
  5. Implement UI V1

I think that’s a pretty healthy list! I’m going to take off the rest of tonight and go play some Bloodborne. I’ve got some cold coffee ready for a nice morning drink and I figure a nice chunk of Saturday will be spent working on this. Overall I think it is totally manageable. Depending on how this goes I should be able to predict the date a very early Alpha. Which might, MIGHT, be as soon as next week (since the game is basically there).

But if you are someone going into making games I want to make this note. The last 10% takes as long as the first 90%. No matter what the task. I’m not sure why this is, but it almost always is.

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