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Development Blog ~ Tiles for Miles

I’ll probably get into taking more pictures soon. I’ve started including my own temporary art which means I can safely talk about things and display things without infringing on other people’s work. That’s good news for me. The first thing I did today was reduce the map size considerably. Now we are looking at roughly 675 tiles for a map. That sounds like a metric ton of them but I can assure you it doesn’t feel all that dramatic in use. If we do end up finding it to be a bit of a problem I’ll increase the size of the tiles and decrease the number of them.

That means overall this week is devoted to making nice looking tiles that help convey their trait easily. That way when a player looks at the tiles they immediately know where they’d want to situate their opening base. The next step after I finish these tiles will be to create a smarter map generator. It’ll allow for custom map sizes between a minimum and maximum size but otherwise it’ll all be random I think. Any extra modularity would likely require a level of understanding that I just don’t currently possess and I would like this to all work.

Once I finish that I’ll be moving onto the control scheme. Will it be clicking or dragging for placing buildings? Or perhaps will I allow both? This is something I have not yet decided. I find that with dragging you can still safely move the map around without placing buildings. Obviously either way I need a confirmation click.

So that’s that. Made some progress today and I’l feeling fairly good about the project overall. If I put in a bit of extra effort this week it should start shaping up into something nice.

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