Development Update ~ I love me a good setter.

//Development Update ~ I love me a good setter.

Development Update ~ I love me a good setter.

I’ve become desperately addicted to getters and setters. The majority of things that you are doing in update functions could probably be run through a good setter. My reasoning is that the majority of update loops I’ve seen people do are basically waiting for a value to change. But the thing is, you can already know when a value changes! I don’t believe I have a single function running in an updater at the moment. That’s not to say that they aren’t important but I think, soonish, I can make a compelling case (with examples) for why you don’t need them. The reduction in calls per second is surprisingly high for any reasonably complex function.

The current tattered beast that I’m calling a game is checking your working population before it allows you to do actions. So if you’ve got, say, 2 people, and you’ve got 3 resources you could be collecting, you’ll only be able to harvest 2 at a time. The moment one is done it’ll free up that citizen to do another. Each action raises your fame (undecided on what to call it). It will likely act as the primary progress bar of the game from now until the foreseeable future. The higher your fame level the more likely new people will find your town.

You will be able to bring in people when you don’t have the housing for them. But it will eventually have a negative impact. They are likely to die and dying is bad for your fame. Folks don’t tend to hang out with a guy who kills all his people. You won’t be able to delevel because that is terrible but you can reduce your current level to 0.

I’ve added in some simple animations to show you that you’ve acquired something when a task ends. I don’t yet have anything for when you click things (just so you know the game registered your clicks) but that’ll come soon. My next goal is to add in a resource depletion (for instance, your people need to eat food). Once you have depletion it technically becomes a game. Since there becomes a lose condition of sorts.

For now its more of just a thing that exists. A fun experience though. I’m not sure when I’ll post images. For now everything is entirely using free game art images or my own (terrible) drawings. I’m not too fond of posting other people’s work when I can help it, featured images notwithstanding.

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