Diablo 3 S5 – Day 1 Progress

//Diablo 3 S5 – Day 1 Progress

Diablo 3 S5 – Day 1 Progress

We played Diablo 3 today (technically tomorrow, but I like to live wild and post my things on the wrong days). This game really ages well, not necessarily as far as looks are concerned, but mechanically it is improving over time and I’m happy to see it doing so consistently. I rebirthed my Witch Doctor, House. Liz rebirthed her Wizard, Hekate. We took to the main adventure mode, which you can now do instead of campaign (a blessing for those that know the campaign by memory) and progress was pretty consistent. The actual gameplay is streamlined as it has always been, perhaps more so, but it allows you to relax and really take in the moments.

This is still my Zen game, something I do to relax. Even on the highest difficulties I spend most of my time just being happy and enjoying myself. For every Bloodborne I play I also like to dabble in something smoother and more friendly. Not every game needs to try and kill me mentally.

The general flow of leveling, item gaining, and upgrading are all so perfectly balanced these days. They hit those visceral and most basic of brain highs at just the right intervals. But there is no real dark underbelly with this game. They make no extra money if you keep playing. The incentive for them is to make it as fun as possible and I think they are achieving that quite well. We nearly got to 40 today and finished the first chapter of Season Mode.

Sunday we’ll likely finish the second.

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