Diablo 3 ~ Season 4 has Begun!

Blizzard has launched the 4th season of Diablo 3 and I’m pretty happy with it. You can skip the story now which is nice and go straight to the adventure mode. On top of that they’ve added in some sub missions involving doing various things in the game like leveling certain buildings and reaching certain levels. The game has evolved from something of an intense grind to a more therapeutic experience. I’m totally ok with this and appreciate it. Diablo 3 is kind of a zen garden with undead and explosions. It doesn’t need to be something else, though I would argue that at this point it doesn’t really act as a third part to the Diablo franchise. More like a new game that just happens to have the name.

That’s unfortunate and usually something I’m against. I’m having a good time though. Here’s to hoping that the sheen doesn’t wear off by Season 5. So here’s to reaching 70 with Lizard the Wizard.