Diablo 3 ~ Season 5 Starts Tomorrow!

//Diablo 3 ~ Season 5 Starts Tomorrow!

Diablo 3 ~ Season 5 Starts Tomorrow!

It would appear I have made a character of every type. This means I get to try out the “rebirth” function right in the nick of time. Basically it’ll allow me to reset someone to level 1 and use them, then after the season is over they’ll get all their old EXP back (is how I understand it). Should be good, this means I need to work double time in Bloodborne. I can’t get this far and then stop.

I do wish that seasons had a “casual” mode that let me keep me Kanai’s cube in between seasons. I don’t even care if that locked me out of leaderboards. Who cares about leaderboards honestly? I mean, lots of people, but I am not one of them. It’s fine though, from what I understand I can at least build up my Kanai’s cube for the main game. Though I don’t play it very often.

I’ll probably stream this playthrough and include it in updates for Diablo. The game has gotten a lot better since it’s original release and now we have new maps to explore. I hear good things about them, so I’m fairly optimistic.

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