Diablo III: Season 3 – Completed!

Today Liz and I completed the Third season of Reaper of Souls. Once we cranked that bad boy up to Expert the game got a bit more amusing. Mobs started killing us, fights were a little more tense. But most importantly the drops were better. Or so I imagine, I stopped really getting anything for the last 10 or so levels. Other than hand-me-downs from Liz. Diablo III still holds up. It is not a terrible game, I don’t think it has the charm of its predecessor. I think that’s just the direction games have gone. I used to think “Maybe it’s me?” But as I play some older titles I see that twinkle and I feel those feelings that games used to give me.

I don’t think it is a matter of Nostalgia either. Divinity: Original Sin certainly triggered that feeling. It is possible to make a game now and still have magic. The problem is that I think most people are looking to make a product, and that product falls into the category of a game. Rather than trying to make a game and profit from it. It’s a shame really, something I hope I can personally resolve in the future.

If you happen to catch Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls on sale I highly recommend giving it a look. It’ll amuse you for a bit. Each new patch has actually improved the game. If they ever release a third expansion I’ll most certainly purchase it. But I’m not expecting anything this decade. That said, watch them announce something at Blizzcon.

Grats on logging in Ichor!

Grats on logging in Ichor!