Diablo III Season 3 ~ The Journey Begins

//Diablo III Season 3 ~ The Journey Begins

Diablo III Season 3 ~ The Journey Begins

Around my birthday a lot of things will be happening. A major project at work will be due, Season 3 of Diablo will be ending and…oh dear. I know there is more. Something dark is coming. More so than my ever constant hurtling towards my inevitable death. I don’t recall what it is. Because of this I’m just going to talk about Diablo 3 for a bit. Today I picked up the Barbarian and Liz picked up the Witch Doctor. Both of us are ladies because of girl power and all that.

I’ve got to say, Barbarian is quite a lot of fun. I still think that Witch Doctor is my favorite but there is something fun about whirling about like a fool and annihilating everything in your path. Naturally Liz saw this and then got a drop that turned her into god mode. She has a legendary item that gives her corpse rain 40 or so levels early. It’s a sight to behold. She killed Zoltun Kulle in under 3 seconds. Basically the game flashed from cutscene, to fight, to cutscene all before the audio could even catch up.

Belial was slower but I think that was because his second form is “out of range” or her drops. His first form died almost instantly as well. It has me interested to see what comes of the later chapters. I don’t mind at all. For me the journey is not about leveling the fastest, or being the strongest, but about enjoying some time with her. And I suppose if that enjoyment is gathered while raining the infinite corpses of the spirit world then at least we are doing the world some kind of favor.

Certainly keeping the janitorial staff in Diablo employed for a very long time.

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