Different Day, Different Doctor

//Different Day, Different Doctor

Different Day, Different Doctor

Those of you that follow these posts probably know that I’ve got a fair number of things that don’t really work well. I’ve been meaning to return my body and get a replacement but I’m not sure I still have the receipt. As a kid I feel like I had the same doctor for basically forever. Similarly I had the same barber for seemingly forever. There were these jobs that I just expected to see the same people doing, in the same place, for as long as I’d need that service. This isn’t because I think people should be stuck to one thing for my convenience but because it just felt right.

It is probably not as big of a deal in other countries but the US Healthcare system is (still) a pretty big mess. Acquiring a new doctor and having a comfortable experience is a very challenging process here. Additionally any mistakes can lead to incredibly large financial losses. Each new doctor takes a lot of time. In our area you are looking at three to four weeks to see a doctor for the first time. So if you switch offices you are basically locked out of healthcare for upwards of a month. This might not be true where you live in the US but if you are on an HMO near the LA area you are probably looking at this situation.

Once you do find a good doctor that makes you feel comfortable you hope they’ll be there. My own life experiences have suggested that I’d see the same doctor for ages. This all said you’ll understand my surprised when I tried to figure out why I couldn’t schedule an appointment online. I called and it turned out that my doctor was gone. I don’t know why she left, it is her life after all, but it would have been nice to even get an email about it. Not necessarily from her but from the healthcare provider itself.

Tomorrow I get to see a new doctor and drop my cavalcade of issues upon her. My biggest problem with doing this is I end up feeling like a hypochondriac. I have spent just enough time reading about psychological issues to always be self conscious of coming across psychotic. One thing I haven’t checked is whether or not the fear of being psychotic is itself a psychosis. That would be amusing. I’m also aware that I’m not using the terminology in this paragraph accurately.

At any rate. That’ll be my Monday morning. Among other things I’ll be telling a doctor that I hear my voice muffled now when I speak (I think I might have blown an eardrum fairly recently, can’t hold pressure on the right side of my head for shit).

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