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Today I’ll be beginning my practice of, and I believe this is the term, polymorphism in C#. All of my projects and work up until this point have been using strictly monobehaviors with some custom classes to accent them.

I have a sneaking suspicion that some of the work I’ve been doing would have been easier with this tool. But honestly you can’t effectively learn a language if you skip over the foundation. Or at least I feel like you can’t, you can probably still learn it if you are stubborn enough. I know personally I’ve learned C# through mostly brute force and reading of it in action.

It makes me wonder how easy learning another language would be now. Supposedly after you learn a second it makes learning a third or fourth easier. I know that learning C# made reading calculus a lot easier (that is, I can actually read it now, couldn’t before). There was a long period of time in my life where those equations were nothing but gobbledygook to me. I saw them as a static thing when for many their use was much more malleable.

Perhaps I should take another stab at Japanese in the coming year. See what comes of that. Or if I want to take an easier out I could look into Spanish. That could be fun seeing as it’s a pretty popular language in the US. I’m not sure what tools I’d use for it. I’ll need to read the reviews on something like Rosetta Stone because my understanding is that they really screw the pooch for some languages.

And you probably shouldn’t screw pooches. It’s a crime, also rude, and rude crime is probably the worst crime. Anyways, Spanish, maybe.

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