Disgaea 5 hits October 6th!

//Disgaea 5 hits October 6th!

Disgaea 5 hits October 6th!

I’m so stupidly excited for this. Of all the Disgaea games released since the original I’ve only ever been marginally disappointed by one (Disgaea 3) and even that would be rated as a good game by my standards.

This is a series that has unquestionably made my life a happier place and I don’t know how to handle myself while I wait for the release. It’s also going to give me an opportunity to write new game guides. Disgaea is a series I’m very good at and exploiting it is something I never get tired of.

While MGSV did break my heart a little bit it is still ultimately one of the best games I’ve played in my entire life. The last couple of years have been so generous and I feel like I should write up a “Top 10 recent games you should play before a car hits you.” or something like that.

I feel like creating such a list would be trivial given the good luck I’ve had. Even with all the terrible things surrounding these remarkable experiences.

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