Does eating before bed set you up for nightmares?

//Does eating before bed set you up for nightmares?

Does eating before bed set you up for nightmares?

This isn’t necessarily a foolish notion. But as with anything else it isn’t certain. You can find plenty of anecdotes online and small studies (albeit this is a post talking about a study, rather than the study itself). Most amusingly you can read the comments from people that tell you the surefire way that eating has given them mental scarring after a night’s rest.

So here I am, with a stomach full of half a pizza. Wondering just what my night will entail. Just from an intellectual standpoint I can see there being potential in this belief. Your body will break down the food that you’ve consumed over six to eight hours from the moment you chomp it down. That’s roughly the same as the length of time that you’ll be sleeping. If you put it away an hour or so before you go to bed then you might be looking at the majority of the digestion process happening during the most active hours of your sleep. So what do all those nutrients do to you at this time?

The body is incredibly good at just about everything it tries to do. If you put something in it that it could potentially turn into fuel it will do so. If it needs to store energy it will, to the dismay of most. And it is because of this that I waver. Sure, it could give me nightmares, but I feel like that imagery of the body is a bit frayed. However I do often feel like when I consume large meals at night (something that is exceedingly uncommon) that I do experience fairly vivid dreams.

Worst still my personal anecdotes come tomorrow will be skewed! Because I believe that food can do this to me, even if I’m skeptical, I am planting the seed that will blossom into a mortifying hellscape. So I wonder, if I think of happy things like flowers and bees (I like bees) will I dream of a happy sea of massive sunflowers where I ride on the back of a massive honey bee? My mighty steed taking home its fill and providing me with a sea of honey.

Will I dive into that pool of golden ambrosia and sip from it the sweet nectar of life? And when I awake from lapping up this hearty fill will I find myself with a wet blanket and a terribly confused cat.

“No, no, no, human.” She’ll say. “You are supposed to lick yourself, like this.” Followed up with a tiny sigh. “He’ll never learn.”

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