Duck! 2: Return of the Fowl

//Duck! 2: Return of the Fowl

Duck! 2: Return of the Fowl

  It was a warm day (a bit too warm as it burned my skin) when we wandered around the community center it was a different sight than last week. Last week there was a wedding, birds a plenty, this week it was much more empty.

Alone in the Waters

  I’m not sure where that little one was going but he was going somewhere. Adorable little legs paddling him along. We walked along further and saw another group of adolescent ducks with their mother setting up shack by a light pole.

Family Fowl

  They moved quickly when I approached them. The entire group was sitting down all merrily and sunbathing. I figured they were running away and tried to snap a shot quickly. But the next couple of moments surprised me.


  Wait…are they coming at me? Duck stampede?!

Spread out! We can take him!

  They’ve spread out to create a wall of ducky warriors! The horror! At this point my life is flashing before my eyes. Perhaps however I have overreacted.

Adorable! 😀

  It was interesting jokes aside. I enjoyed being so close to them. I’m not sure if they thought I was there dad or just like humans (maybe they thought I had food) but it was very neat. I’m not used to animals getting so close to me, even in areas where people are common.

  This concludes our second adventure into the Community Center. Maybe next time I’ll get a duck to stand on me Surprised smile!

  As an added bonus when we got home we realized we’d locked ourselves out. My wife took it upon herself to break in like the guy from Thief. Unfortunately not before I got burned on my face and the back of my neck. I’m fairly sure I’ll survive Winking smile.

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