Dwarf Fortress – Oih!

//Dwarf Fortress – Oih!

Dwarf Fortress – Oih!


The Fort 1  This is a game I don’t return to all that often. But when I do I find myself interested. It’s remarkably complex, almost to the point of being utterly unapproachable. The concept is simple, you take control of a small group of dwarves and begin building a home in the mountains.

  Over time you’ll get refugees, animal attacks, and other oddities. The certainty above all else is that you will eventually fail. Long before people were talking about Demon Soul’s or the latest flavor of “difficulty” this game was crushing the souls of all those who entered. Yet the losses are nice and they feel like learning experiences.

  Even as I was writing this an army of new refugees joined my group. Over time I will hit rough patches with long winters or bad harvests. Dwarves will die, dwarves will be born, and at least a couple will go crazy and run around stark raving mad until they die.

  The biggest entertainment I find is watching them act out their lives. I give them a set of parameters on what they “should” be doing and then they go off to do what they wish to do. Sometimes it fits my hopes and other times I find myself wondering just what the hell “Shem Kubukdegel” is thinking.

  As you can see in this preliminary image I’ve created the beginnings of a series of bedrooms, I’ve also got storage in the top left there. That hallway off on its own leads to some farmlands I’m working on. The large open expanse is the workshop area where all sorts of buildings are…well built.

  There is not much else to be said for now, I don’t know how long I’ll play this for now. But I like coming back to it from time to time and trying to make it further. Learn new things and expand upon the survival of my dwarves. If someone could make this game more approachable and make the actual game look anything close to stonesense, I suspect this could be a smash hit for a very long time.

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