Early Morning, Magic, Reading and Writing…oh my.

//Early Morning, Magic, Reading and Writing…oh my.

Early Morning, Magic, Reading and Writing…oh my.

  Today was indeed a productive day! I woke up early, the hardest part, and got my early morning daudling done. I finished Just Cause 2 on the hardest difficulty, I might write a review for it sometime. Not too sure if I’m fully interested in such an endeavor but we shall see. Anything to add more content to the site.

  After that I made some coffee and reconstructed a few of my decks, most notably the rat deck had a good deal of the creatures replaced with equipment, the hope that for now it will provide a cheap option to help increase the likelihood that they’ll make contact with the opponent.

  The snake deck is awaiting some new additions to it and thus is very excited for next week (or Monday after this if I’m unlucky). On the topic of Magic I feel it would be a lot of fun today to talk about some cards from the new Scars of Mirrodin series. I’ll post a few cards and explain why I love them. If anyone is curious, I don’t work for coolstuffinc.com, they have just provided me with freakishly good service over the last few years so I’ll be linking to them when discussing anything magic. Since it’ll be image and text heavy I’ll do it at the end of the post after a cut.

  I finished another book and will be updated Operation 52 after this post, I’ve also got 2 more books to add to the list for reading. I’m very pleased, this has been a very good project. Also on the topic of literature I have finished a new 10 page story that I’ll be proofreading and having at least one friend check out. If it gets the OK I’ll put it up on PubIT for 99 cents. See if folks will help me start paying off my student loans Smile.

Turtling is for winners!

  The Accorder’s Shield is one of my favorite new equipment cards from the Scars of Mirrodin set. You may be saying to yourself “Why on earth would that be a fun card for you?” Well first I can get 4 of these for 49 cents, which is a huge plus for this card. Sure I could find an equipment that destroys a permanent each time it’s wearer attacks, in fact I really enjoy that card too (talk about that one later) but there is something very special about this guy. Firstly it can be dropped on turn 1 for absolutely nothing, which is fantastic if you are trying to quickly start up a metalcraft combo. In fact if you wanted you could keep it in your hand till turn 3, then drop it the same turn you equip it. Secondly I love this card because it boosts the defense of a creature; quite a lot actually. I can suddenly turn my 1/1 or 1/2 (or dare I say 2/2 or 2/3) into a 1/4 or better by turn 3 (at worst). Not only this but it provides them with vigilance which means I can nearly attack with reckless abandon. We can’t have an equipment card we also need something to equip it to.


I'll get you my pretty!

I could have chosen any creature with infection, but this card has multiple things going for it. It’s a common, which means that it is also dirt cheap. Running around 35 cents a piece. The Ichorclaw Myr is also one of my favorite species in the entire MTG universe, a Myr. For the discussion of the above card he is a 2 mana creature which means that he can get out the turn before the Accorder’s Shield, and his secondary ability means that anytime he attacks there are two scenarios your opponent will be left with.

Either they will be taking 1 poison damage on turn 3, or they’ll be trying to stop the Myr. Now, admittedly he’s shatter bait, and doom blade would make short work of him. However not everyone comes prepared with creature removal and even if they do use it you just cost them a precious removal spell on a fairly small annoyance. If they do block him with a creature they’ll be putting 3 –1/-1 counters on that creature and the 3/6 Ichorclaw likely won’t wince.


So you didn’t need that 6 defense on your Ichorclaw? Well I can understand that, you blocking something that is a complete pain in the ass and you just want it to go away? Well there are very few things that’ll naturally be larger than 6/6 (Mythic Rares aside this series), so slapping one blue mana to it’s side and using Twisted Image will provide you with a pretty pissed off 6/3 Ichorclaw Myr. Sure it might die, but it’s going to either take whatever you hit with it or turn it into a blubbering weakling. Not only that but you get to draw a card alongside that for a single mana. I’m very fond of this card, it’s not “pro-level.” but it is certainly very enjoyable to play with. I like to drop it on Scalplexis when my opponent isn’t blocking to add insult to card removal injury. At 79 cents for 4 it’s not exactly an expensive gamble. Likewise as a 1 mana draw a card effect at worst it’s not very painful to during your opponents turn either (especially if you are taking their stout 1/5 attacker and turning it into a 5/1 for a nice fatal block.

Om nom! Delicious Sorcery.This will be my luxury card for the day, costing you 2.99 a card. That can get quite pricey if you want 4 in your deck (though I’d probably run with 3, as I currently have 2 in the elf deck). Why do I love this card? Well green is notorious for generating infinite mana, in fact if you slap a few Copper Myrs in with a few Myr Galvanizers you could generate infinite mana to use on this. I wouldn’t suggest moving your entire deck to the field unless a couple of the cards you play are tower’s of calamity. Or if you are like me and like to play casual Platinum Angels and Darksteel Forges. (The former being fairly inexpensive at 2 dollars a piece and the latter being on my high end at a whopping 9.99)!

Regardless it is a fantastic card for getting a whole lot of death out in one turn. If you find yourself quite nearly about to die this card just might be the table turner. Get a haste equipment out and something big enough and you could drop your opponent in a couple card swipes. But I’d be cautious as mass destruction would be a tantalizing response to this (as would counterspells). Regardless that’s my thoughts on these cards.

  They aren’t planeswalkers but I find each of them to be quite enjoyable to use.

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