[Early Thoughts] Fallout 4

//[Early Thoughts] Fallout 4

[Early Thoughts] Fallout 4

I am surprising absolutely nobody when I say this is a very good game! Fallout 4 is not a strong deviation, at least not thus far, from the formula that Bethesda has perfected with their previous Fallout title (and which Obisidian improved on in New Vegas). But I’ll be damned if this game hasn’t gripped me by the groin and really delighted me. The music that is included in the game both thematic music (actual songs on pipboy) or the environment music. I did turn off the environmental music because I need to be able to hear all the beasties that are coming to murder me.

I’ve begun building my base which is one of the new features in this Fallout. The controls aren’t bad and I do like them but I’ll probably be modding in buildings that look a little less apocalyptic. I get that homes that were built before the war, or from scraps, would look like a bomb dropped on them (since it did). But when I’m chopping down trees and making timber from them I should be able to build a relatively nice looking house.

Not something I wanted to see on the beginning of my adventure. Giant...mosquitos.

Not something I wanted to see on the beginning of my adventure. Giant…mosquitos.

Dogmeat, a recurring puppy companion in all the games, has returned for this game and I absolutely adore him. The animators who worked on Dogmeat did a top notch job. His barks, presumably real, sound crisp and clear coming out of my speakers. They startle one of our cats quite often when things get especially hairy in game.

I didn’t initially like the leveling system here, I missed the perk system of old, but it is growing on me. As seen in the above image, there is an “Execute critical” option that crops up from time to time when you fill the crit meter. This is pretty cool and makes for some of the most epic moments in my fights.

Now calm down Skeeter, don't lose your head.

Now calm down Skeeter, don’t lose your head.

The controls on keyboard feel a bit clunky but I’ve found the game feels right at home on a controller. The Xbox One Controller doesn’t ever really seem to get between me and the action as I’m playing. I have messed up trying to do VATS with it (L1) and end up Melee striking instead (R1). I tried flipping these and then found myself compensating and STILL doing them backwards. So for now I just suck it up and swing at the air sometimes.

I don't recall his name and the buggard is hiding...

I don’t recall his name and the buggard is hiding…

Fella in the image above has quickly become one of my favorite characters. I can’t remember his name and he’s currently hiding somewhere in my shelter. So for now I’ll just call him Nuclear Elvis. He’s great.

The power armor has made a return and it’s super cool now. Getting into the armor is a huge deal. There is an animation and everything. It feels like you are going into serious mode. Your UI changes and everything gets extra badass. It’s a great change and makes me like the game even more.

I’ll have more to say later. I’m going to be playing this game a lot I can tell. The main story is eluding me at the moment and I think I know what the ending will be already. That said, if I’m wrong I might actually be more disappointed. What I’m thinking is just silly enough to be amazing. Fallout 4 gets a confident suggestion from me, at least 7 hours in it does.

And really, don't I look like someone you can trust?

And really, don’t I look like someone you can trust?

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