Early Thoughts | No Man’s Sky

//Early Thoughts | No Man’s Sky

Early Thoughts | No Man’s Sky

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A short flight through the cosmos to allow for load. Countless stars rushing by my screen, sometimes names, oftentimes not. A flash and there I am, standing, I think, looking around as my UI comes online. The suit has an on board speech unit that informs me of status changes. A nice touch, if at times a bit too chatty.

My opening job is simple. I need to repair my ship or risk being trapped on this planet forever. Quickly I’m realizing I don’t even know the buttons yet, time to press a few. Interesting. My opening world is gorgeous. Lush grass paints the landscape. Floating stones of a substance yet unknown float above the landscape. In the sky I can see a single moon.

It’s not as cold as the starting planet from my otherworld self. The one lost to the utter deletion of their save file. In the day the air temperature nearly rises over freezing, but not quite. Toxic vapors push my suit into overtime. It’ll hold, this land might be murderous to me but flora is flourishing throughout.

A bit of horseplay later and I realize I can harvest plants and rocks. I blast away at numerous things and enjoy the collection animation raining down upon me. And then a flash of red. A warning I was not prepared for. Something is shooting at me from where I do not know.

Subtle red arrows hint to my assailant. I turn to find a small robotic eye floating in the air before me. It looks a bit like a confused bug, legless and agitated. Flesh searing lasers blast from its eye. I do the only thing I know how to, I run.

I’m not very good at running. One last ditch idea. Robots are kind of like really obnoxious rocks. The harvesting laser from my multitool slowly eats away at the armor of the drone until it explodes into a barrel twice its own size. I open the barrel and collect some strange item from within.

So, they are little loot hoarders. I pet my multitool, looks like robot is on the menu.

Ruthlessly I harvest everything that doesn’t move. Alone, save for the barrel spewing drones, I appear to be alone on this world. Until I’m not. A little creature scurries through the tall grass. I chase after it, curious as to what it looks like. Does it provide barrels too? I’ll never know. Once it was far enough away from me it ceased moving. Silence again. I am alone.

The day is nearly over but I’ve collected enough supplies to repair my ship. A few crafting prompts later and it’s in tip top ship shape. A final goodbye, I name this planet “Home”. It might have tried to kill me but we have a special bond. I will return someday, not soon, but someday.

Survival, gorgeous colors, an excellent soundtrack, and a series of goals that speak to me. Perfection is not a word I would use for this experience, nor for the product as a whole. But as a person that likes to dream, to write, to wonder. Those things that keep me calm. They are all present in this harsh universe. I like it, and can see myself experiencing it for quite a while. Now, if only they could fix up this inventory system.


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