[Early Thoughts] Undertale

//[Early Thoughts] Undertale

[Early Thoughts] Undertale

I’m about 45 minutes into undertale. I didn’t do any commentary but if you want to see my playthrough so far you can find it likely beneath this paragraph. I wasn’t immediately hooked by this game. The introduction with the…um…goat woman? I’m not sure what she’s supposed to be. Basically I didn’t feel a connection with her for the majority of the time I was hanging out with her. She was too nice, the kind of nice that usually leads to you going missing and people finding you in a few different cities.

The music is pretty darn good. I really like it. At first I wasn’t hot on the beeping sound when letters are playing out but they use different jingles for different characters which gives a good sense of…well…character. I’ve already come around to being on board with it. This game is surprisingly difficult to screenshot. Unless there is a button I’m unaware of. In generaly it’s very unfriendly to anything short of straight window recording. And even then, I found that when I maximized it the window was difficult to find with OBS.

The gameplay is simple but fairly solid thus far. The idea of mixing a turn based game with bullet hell mechanics is cute. I would likely be more floored by the breadth of options involved with combat if it hadn’t-been-shoved-down-my-throat-for-months-now. There is no fan base that bothers me more than the Undertale fan base. But I’m going to do what I can to enjoy the game without letting them grate on me further. I’ve been told so many times how I’m “supposed” to play this game that I’m finding it difficult to even have an organic experience.

That said, I did reset the game early and one of the small changes that already happened was incredibly neat to me. It provided me with an experience that I wasn’t expecting and also that nobody has mentioned yet. The characters that I’ve met so far are pretty fun and every fight has felt fairly unique. I will likely try and “finish” this game at least once tomorrow, perhaps with commentary. Time will tell.

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