Early Thoughts | World of Warcraft : Legion

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Life is a little bit rough for me at the moment. But I did want to talk briefly on my thoughts about the Legion Pre-Patch Event and the game thus far. The Event leading up to the launch was great! The story goes that the Legion is finally done screwing around elsewhere and has come to finally take down Azeroth. In the past we pissed off a few of the lesser Legion leaders, which is to say some big angry mofos that are absolutely terrifying. This time around it would appear that we’ve infuriated the mad titan himself, Sargeras.

Who wants a hug?!

Who wants a hug?!

The odds that we will fight the big man are pretty slim. But the notion that his eyes are finally set on Azeroth is enough to get any Blizzard fan nerding out. It’s a bit like playing an Eldritch themed RPG and realizing that Cthulu (or perhaps a less iconic but much more powerful god) is officially coming to completely ruin your day. It’s an exciting prospect and really gets the brain juices flowing. Watching the Legion invade areas around the major cities was a great deal of fun. Blizzard presented a scenario where some of the grumpiest demons in the Legion crashed down from the sky and tried to wreck everyone’s shit. And I’ll tell you, I died a lot during this event. It was really refreshing to be presented with situations of pure chaos that actually challenged me. Plus you ended up fighting alongside dozens of other real world players at any given time.

Watching everyone run (or fly) towards our next objective was thrilling and made for some great screenshots. Another part of the event was the Broken Shore and…well…that was something else.

It has been a long time since Blizzard has made my jaw drop. I often get tingly and happy while playing, but absolute jaw dropping shock is not very common. It was clear to me while playing the Broken Shore that someone in Blizzard Creative had watched Game of Thrones. “So, hear me out.” They must have said. “What if we just fucking kill everyone?” Someone else probably piped in. “You sure?” To which Chris likely replied. “Sure, I’m game. As long as it looks really painful.”

And painful it was. One of the major deaths was far too fast and leaves me thinking it’s a red herring. A second was far too soon for a character that hadn’t had enough time to really shine. But that third one…sweet marmalade grandma. That was probably the coolest way anyone in Warcraft has died. If you’ve got to go out, I mean, I’d rather it be in my sleep, but damn.

The Legion Expansion sees a lot of people meeting Gul’dan basically for the first time. For those of you that have played the RTS games (or watched the movie) you’ll know that Gul’dan big daddy baller. He’s one of the most powerful characters to ever be introduced to the story. And now he’s got some new boosts to his power. I’m interested to see how long he can remain an asset to the legion, they have a bad tendency to murder anyone that isn’t “demon” enough for them.


No place like home.

No place like home.

The new mechanics introduced to the game have really helped add a nice relaxed atmosphere to all of the chaos and carnage. Harvesting nodes throughout the world are shared for everybody. No longer are you fighting with friend or foe over them. The same is true of mobs as well! If a handful of other people start attacking the same things as you that’s ok. You get EXP and Loot just as you would have if you had been doing it alone. This has already built a stronger community as people help one another out instead of watching their comrades die a miserably bloody death so that they can get that sweet rare mob.

The Artifact weapon provides a new method of leveling and some really engaging storylines. It’s a new avenue for progression that I’ll write about more once I’ve had more time with it. Early thoughts though are that it is pretty friggin’ sweet. The Class Halls are really well designed and they provide the players with additional tools to improve their gameplay experience like extra quests, NPC helpers, and additional storyline elements. Finally, but hardly the last thing (as I’m forgetting stuff), is that you can go basically anywhere at anytime. The new system in wow causes the mobs to “level” to whoever is hitting them. So if I’m 93 and you are 91, I’ll be fighting a 93 and you’ll be fighting a 91. That way friends can play together at anytime without feeling like their character has been nerfed. I’m guessing this is all using the magic of percents in the backend but it feels great on the frontend.

Overall I’m very impressed with this expansion. Not a single thing has jumped out at me as concerning. With each new expansion it looks like Blizzard is trying to gravitate more towards “wouldn’t it be cool if?” or “you know what would be fun?” instead of the age old traditions of MMOs that generally punished the users but left them hungering for more. If this is a genre that you enjoy I highly recommend checking out Legion. Even the more cynical of my buddies are having a great time.

Now once my life isn’t as chaotic as the game I’ll probably manage some posts that are a bit less…messy.