Fallout 4 ~ 1 of 3 Endings Down

//Fallout 4 ~ 1 of 3 Endings Down

Fallout 4 ~ 1 of 3 Endings Down

I don’t have much to say. Today I finished the Brotherhood of Steel story arc in Fallout 4. I won’t tell you what happens but I will say I don’t think it fits my character at all. The game forgets to tell you that you are about to enter a point of no return the first time it introduces you to one. Which then means you end up fucking your game if you haven’t saved in a while. That’s a darn shame.

As for the feelings of the events that transpire. It starts out very uncomfortable for my character (since I’m playing myself). For a bit it becomes very Cathartic and wonderful. Lots of explosions and pretty lights. But ultimately I found myself watching the credits roll (metaphorically speaking) and I just felt a bit hollow. Perhaps that’s how it is meant to be. In a situation like the one you are given in Fallout 4. Maybe all the outcomes just end up like that. You begin the game as you end the game in some respects, at least with this direction. Powerless, lacking in the agency that you’ve gotten used to.

Heck, even my dialogue options quickly shifted. I went from “1 asshole option, 1 snarky option, 1 kind option, and one average option.” to “3 asshole options and 1 bigger asshole option.” For fairly long periods of time. That’s a shame and something I think they overlooked. Overall I’d say it’s worth doing even if you aren’t interested in the achievements. Shit goes down so quickly and in such an epic fashion that it’s hard to ignore.

If I had to give it a rating I’d say that the ending sits somewhere around average to bad on the emotional scale. It is fully in line with the faction though, so technically it’s entirely on point.

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