Fallout 4: Second Playthrough [Companions Thoughts PT. 1]

I’m going to probably mention some companion stuff in this post. Maybe, basically prepare yourself if you are extremely sensitive to spoilers. Basically I want to banter a bit about my feelings on the Companions that I’ve used so far. I won’t be telling you what happens to them or anything like that. Just discussing how they feel to play with and their general impact on me while I play.

He has a thick coat, so naturally fire doesn't bother him.

He has a thick coat, so naturally fire doesn’t bother him.

Dogmeat is the first companion you get. He loves you no matter what you do, good, bad. He’s there to be adorable and fairly helpful as well. He’ll find loot, locate bad guys, and just all around be a great representation of a dog in a video game. I don’t use him very much because he doesn’t actually have a perk available for you (companions will give you a permanent perk if you get your attraction with them capped out. There is a better word for it, but I’m tired, so we are going with attraction).

Because of this missing bonus I found myself almost immediately switching from Dogmeat to Codsworth the second I was given the opportunity.

Oh just a bit of bother. Flies and the occasional mahsqweeto.

Oh just a bit of bother. Flies and the occasional mahsqweeto.

Codsworth is kinda a dream come true for me in terms of companions. I adore the weird ass robots that are in Fallout and having one that I can befriend like this is great. I don’t recall that option being available in New Vegas or 3. It may have been, it’s been a long time since I played them, but I’m uncertain. He’s awful at stealth because he’s a flying robot…but that’s fair. His thick british accent and quirky humor really work for me. The big downside to him is that he moans to the high heavens if you do drugs around him. Seeing that I tend to “enhance” myself, this becomes a problem. You can use mods to get around this issue but it can be…as Codsworth would put it. A spot of bother.

Next I suppose we’ll move onto the companion I try to max out before any other. Then leave it at that because it is late and I’d like to talk about some more of them in my next larger update. She’s the pepper paper printer from diamond city, Piper!

Selling newspapers will be a snap with your own set of power armor!

Selling newspapers will be a snap with your own set of power armor!

Piper loves when you manipulate information out of people and when you pick locks. These two things combined have her all hot and bothered for you in no time flat. This is great because her perk gives you increased EXP for finding new places and for successful manipulation in conversation. That adds up fast! Also she’s pretty funny and she seems to be an upstanding person. The writing behind her is solid, which I think is largely true of all the companions. They didn’t fuck around when working on them. Her outfit is also one of my favorites. One of the mods I use allows you to put piece armor over the one piece costumes and that is good because I couldn’t see removing her trademark red trench coat ensemble.

The spouse character has all of 9 seconds to give you any connection to her. This is a huge bummer to me. Because Piper is super fun and I think they could have had a much more impactful moment in the game if they had let you and your spouse get to know one another better. Build a connection and then BLAM tear your heart out. As it stands my character occasionally mentions his wife but honestly I feel like his actual love interest is Piper. Or maybe…Danse <3. But we'll save that companion for the next post.