Feeling like a git while using git.

//Feeling like a git while using git.

Feeling like a git while using git.

For a little while now I’ve been using git on my computer via the magic of sourcetree. It turns out that you can very easily start a versioning setup locally. Sure, it’ll say remotely, but it’ll turn out that you’ve been making all your updates strictly on your PC. I should have known that something was up because I didn’t have to jump through the hurdles of SSH keys and other nonsense. But I didn’t.

This wouldn’t have been a problem for quite some time but I needed to move my project because I had made the poor decision to store it in Google Drive. If you are thinking about doing this with a unity project I strictly advise against it. Unity makes a shit ton of temporary files during use and those files need to be deleted after use. Google drive will try to upload them the second they are made and this’ll stop them from being deleted for a while.

Anyways, after the chaos of today I was finally able to recover “most” of what I’ve been working on. Tomorrow will likely see progress but it’ll take a short while for me to get back up to speed. After all the juggling of pictures, folders, and files I’ve got a bit of a headache. Marry that with the soreness of moving all my stuff downstairs yesterday and you’ve got a pretty broken setup.

It’s cooler down here, at least.

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