First thoughts on beating Arkham Knight

//First thoughts on beating Arkham Knight

First thoughts on beating Arkham Knight

Today I finished Arkham Knight. I’m about 80% done with the entire game in general (over half the riddler stuff done, most everything else finished). This is easily my favorite from the series. As I’ve said previously the camera use in this game is beyond amazing. It deserves a lot of coverage and a lot of credit. They’ve done very well to make me feel like I’m experiencing some kind of lucid dream. I loved most of the game. The biggest problem is still the horde mode fights and boss fights that involve the batmobile.

I won’t say anything more specific beyond that for now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll write a review proper and then get into spoiler land. This game is a perfect end to the trilogy of Rocksteady. They did a beautiful thing. Each one is not necessarily perfect, admittedly, and I do feel like those little imperfections sting a bit. But this is the best hero series to have ever been made. If another team could pick up Rocksteady’s child and polish it into something great for the future I’d be happy to play more.

Maybe relax on the riddler stuff. Almost 300 things to collect is way, way, too many. Fewer but more interesting riddler content would be more fun. Also…damn…I am just not capitalizing his name. Going back now is unlikely because it is way too hot here.

If you’ve been on the fence I highly recommend this game. On a console, PS4 being my experience, you are in for a great time. The PC release is a hot mess and I’m saddened that it has tarnished an otherwise amazing experience. This and Witcher 3 are making for an incredible gaming year. I haven’t played it but Splatoon hit this year too. If Fallout 4 ends up being great I don’t think we’ll need much else for this to be one of the best gaming years in quite a while.

It’s too hot in LA. Someone hire superman to slam a glacier into this place.

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