Free Ice Cream from a Van

//Free Ice Cream from a Van

Free Ice Cream from a Van

Today went about as I expected it to go. I had some bugs to squash and I did so. Carried out my digital swatter and smacked away until I the buzzing pittered away to nothingness. In that moment of bliss, that quiet minute of introspection I decided to open up my work email. Maybe someone had news! Some bold new update to my work life. Perhaps a task that would chisel away at the next hour of work.

But I only saw one email. Mitchy had messaged me to tell me that there was free ice cream downstairs in front of our parking garage. I’m sorry…free ice cream? Who ever heard of something so preposterous? We live in America! Freedom isn’t free! It’s a buck o’ five! Or so I’ve been told. I gathered up the game’s team and we set off down the elevator. If this was not a very clever troll by my colleague I was about to dine on ice cream with friends.

The moment those elevator doors opened I stepped out with an air of suspicion about me. Outside the window I saw a van, a van that had been tailor made to shut me up. “Free Ice Cream!” It read.

Free…I don’t know. I’ve always heard of strange vans that have candy or ice cream. You visit them and are never heard from again. I imagined we’d hear the fevered banging of Mitchy from the inside of the freezer when we approached. “What was that noise?!” I’d ask. “Nothing, would you like to come in for some ice cream?” They’d respond.

But alas, this wasn’t the case. The truth was far more heartwarming…cooling. “We’ve got ice cream sandwiches, drumsticks, fruit pops? What’s your desire?”

Have I wandered into the world of my youth? A magical land where adults hand out treats and have smiles on their face? In the middle of this city of honking, shouting, and rage, did the oasis of sweet delights really appear before me?

It had. The drumstick I got was exceptionally tasty. They were sponsored by the bank that they likely work at, Umpqua Bank, and normally I’m not one to advertise (glances up at the single banner you likely can’t see because of your ad block) but this is a bit different. Not once did they mention their bank to me. They didn’t ask me to sign up. They didn’t ask me if I wanted more information. They just straight up gave me ice cream.

That’s pretty cool to me. Umpqua doesn’t seem all that bad. Anyone that is willing to give me ice cream without annoying me is OK in my book. So that’s my day. Maybe it is a good idea to take candy and ice cream from strange vans. But if you must do it, bring some friends, it’s good to roll the die in company.

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