Future Dreams

//Future Dreams

Future Dreams

  Today’s post will be more personal than usual. Partially because I had to walk from my home to the college today (which is a very tiring operation).

  I am certain I know what Job I’d like to do. I want to be a teacher and eventually a professor. But why?! You might ask…oh its quite simple!

  Well first we look at the schedule. I realize that teachers work extra hours before and after the average school day, likewise I realize that ‘short days’ are not short for teachers. However anytime I think to myself “what days am I working next week?” The answer will be pretty simple “Oh right! Monday through Friday!”

  I like that sort of consistency, it provides me with a very manageable life schedule which will make my writing a plausible activity (seeing as I need consistent time frames to keep my mind in check). Likewise I love helping people and I can see few better ways to help people than to help them learn the most that they possibly can. The consistent breaks each year would also be very pleasant. I know most of my professors go to other countries to enjoy things related (and not so related) to their studies.

  The pay might not be the greatest in the world but that’s not necessarily a terrible thing. The US is an amazingly interesting place if only for the fact that across our country there are millionaire CEO’s that have more money than they can even figure out what to do with, yet they’ll die in obscurity just like all the people around them. Short of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (two people who are more famous for what they invented than their finances) I can think of no CEO’s name. However I can name most of my favorite teachers and professors.

  The almost entrancing freedom it would give me in terms of my writing also excites me greatly. So I think I’m set. As for what I’ll teach that’s up in the air, but just about anything interests me. Which might be another thing to chock up on the list.

  So I suppose that’s it for today. I apologize for the succinctness as well as the somewhat random nature of this post, but my face feels like its swallowing itself (I’m … really … tired) and I don’t think I could manage something much better tonight.

  I think for the sake of future sight, there is a great chance you’ll see an article about Determinism on here tomorrow. Mostly because I think it’s an interesting topic…and I hope you will to.

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