Future Plans: Miniature Painting

//Future Plans: Miniature Painting

Future Plans: Miniature Painting

So I’ve been thinking to myself that I need to pick up another hobby. Something with immediate feedback that I could use to improve things around me. I was thinking about painting ever since I watched the Joy of Painting. I hadn’t done it yet because of NaNoWriMo but now that is passed. Currently I’m looking at my luxury debt being far too high, so getting a canvas, a stand, and a lot of other things like that is probably not ideal for starting out. But then I realized that I have hundreds of little canvases just begging to be painted around my house.

For some reason I purchase board games, I say “for some reason” because I don’t have out with anyone. It’s a strange quirk and I can’t help it. I’ve got another one coming in a few months with the kickstarter for Acadia Quest: Inferno. A metric ton of miniatures with fine details that are begging to be anything but grey and green.

I’m going to start researching what paint sets, brush sets, and other painting tools are available and possibly do some reviews of this content as I practice. Give future painters an easier time finding things that’ll work for them when they are starting out. It should be fun, I’ve never felt I had artistic talent, but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t try.

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